Why Dating In Vegas Is Insanely Hard

First of all, although Las Vegas is well known to be a place where many hook ups and even marriages happen, apparently, Las Vegas doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the best city in the US for dating.

Apparently, there isn’t much dating options in Vegas! This definitely sounds contrary to what many people’s impression of Las Vegas is. So, wherein lies the actual discrepancy between people’s impression and reality?

The real answer is that while Vegas is a fantastic place for hook ups and flings, it is actually the last place on earth you really should be at if you are searching for a potential spouse.

This is because everyone goes to Vegas to party, and not looking to actually get married! People there are mainly there for business, or for fun. Because of the branding, ‘What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas’, most people have the impression that they will only go there if they want to have some short term fun, and not actually ‘bring home’ their experience – e.g. bring home you as a dating partner!

How should you look for dates then if you’re in the infamous Sin City? Stay tuned and check out our next post to find out more!

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