The Ultimate Guide To Engaging Escorts In Las Vegas Legally

There is a lot of false information out there on the Internet about escorts.

Some information provided are false and if you follow them, you will be in clear violation of the law. However, lots of other information are over-exaggerated and cause Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

Let us clear up some common misconceptions.

First of all, escorts are legal to engage in Las Vegas. Some websites are written by people who have no understanding of the law and definition of the term ‘escort’ and mistakenly think that escorts and prostitutes are interchangeably when they are not. There is a reason why the former is legal and the latter is illegal. Legal escorts are paid for their time and romantic companionship, while prostitutes are paid for their sexual services. Think about escorts in this way – they are like a ‘guaranteed’ girlfriend that you will match up with on e.g. a dating app. For instance, imagine if you were on Tinder, and liked a girl there. You want to get matched up with her but you can only swipe right and then hope hard she will swipe right on you too. When it comes to escorts, you are guaranteed that as long as she’s in the city, and you swipe right, she automatically swipes right as well.

Second of all, on the other hand, anybody who solicits prostitution in Las Vegas is either an undercover police, or a prostitute masquerading as an escort. Do not accept anything in this situation, as you will be charged with a crime in Vegas. Sexual activities are obviously legal between two consenting and legal age adults. However, it’s illegal when it is being paid for.

Next of all, similar to the second tip, do not try to solicit prostitution from the escort. It is illegal, and they will not accept your offer as well. Just remember this rule – if you are looking for romantic companionship and a hot girl to accompany you around Vegas, then escorts are the right choice for you. If you are looking for sexual services instead, then get out of Vegas to a nearby county where it is legal for such commercial transactions to take place.

Finally, if you want to engage an escort, try picking one of the most popular and largest websites in Vegas, Vegas Dream Escorts. Just simply Google for them and you will be able to see the selection. You can also see their Tumblr page here.

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