Kiasu Singaporean Parents – How To Find Good Piano Teachers?

As a kiasu Singaporean parent, you are probably worried about where and how to find the best private piano teachers in Singapore. I will share with you some of the best ways to look for a teacher in Singapore.

Going through a private piano teacher agency in Singapore

First of all, I strongly recommend that you consider going through a Singapore private piano teacher agency. One of the biggest benefits of going through a Singapore piano teacher agency is the instant access to a lot of teachers all at once. If you were to find your own teacher one by one (which I will talk more later), that is not efficient, and there actually is no real benefit – I will explain why shortly. Agencies usually have access to more than a handful of piano teachers scattered all around Singapore. Whether you want lessons at the teacher’s studio or in the comfort of your own house, you will be able to find the right teacher through an agency. Of course, not all agencies are equally recommended, and a good one I know of is SG LEARN PIANO.

Another benefit of going through an agency is because the way it works is that you never need to pay extra to the agency. The agency only charges the teachers if they get them students. This means that you get the benefits of the agency (e.g. such as time saving e.t.c.) without any downsides or extra costs compared to if you had searched for independent teachers yourself.

If you are a busy and kiasu Singaporean parent, there is no better way to find a good teacher than through an agency. They will not risk destroying their own reputation by recommending you a lousy teacher. On the other hand, individual teachers tend to risk that because they can only recommend themselves. I strongly recommend to find a teacher through an agency for you if you are a kiasu parent.

Finding a piano teacher through online forums

There are mummy forums online throughout Singapore, and you can easily find teachers who are tooting their own horns on these forums. While obviously not all teachers are good, you can read the recommendations of the other forum posters online. Usually, if a teacher is good or bad, you will be able to read reviews of them on these forums.

However, one bad thing about looking for a piano teacher independently is that their adverts tend to be very biased. This is because while an agency can simply recommend you another teacher if they find one to have bad reviews, an independent/individual teacher cannot do so. They will not be able to make any kind of income if they referred you elsewhere. Therefore, they have a higher incentive to lie. Does this mean they all lie? No. But does this mean that the reliability will fall? Yes.

Final tips and thoughts for looking for a piano teacher in Singapore

Regardless of the way you decide to find a piano teacher for yourself or for your child, you should always ask to verify the teacher’s certifications. The agency or the teacher will be able to furnish you with photocopied versions as well as the original on the first lesson as proof of his or her competency.

Additionally, if you choose to use an agency like the way I recommend it above, always request to have a teacher who lives nearby you if possible. This way, you can easily make future schedule changes e.t.c. if required without inconveniencing the teacher too much in the unlikely event that is required. Of course, always make changes only far in advance, and try to steer clear of last minute changes in timing.

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