How To Ace Piano Aural Exams For Singaporean Students

The aural segment of the ABRSM piano examinations is the weakness of many local Singaporean students, and some reasons for that is as follows.

Singaporeans tend to be more shy when it comes to singing compared to their western counterparts. Their western friends generally have a very high threshold before they feel ’embarrassed’. This means that most Singaporean music students are shy and do not fully sing out loud comfortably even if they are actually very good at singing. A simple way to overcome this issue is to simply just go ahead with it. Just imagine that the opinion of whoever’s listening does not matter. Then you can easily sing in front of friends (it can be random songs!) or family members. Over time, you would not be bothered by other people’s opinions, regardless of who they are.

Second of all, many Singaporean students tend to be perfectionists. However, it is very difficult to be a perfectionist when it comes to the aural segment for the ABRSM piano examinations. This is why local students tend to put their effort and focus into the exam pieces and scales only where they technically can be ‘perfect’. However, aural examinations is one of the easiest portions to improve in and score well for! It is one thing to put more effort into pieces and scales. It is another thing (and this is bad) if you practise them at the expense of aural segment. Do not forsake the aural segment. It is very easy to score in.

Getting a good private piano teacher from a local teacher-student agency like SG LEARN PIANO is of course very useful as well. Watch the following video and download the official ABRSM aural exam help application to practise so that you can truly be an all rounder in the ABRSM piano exams in Singapore!

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