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Being A Piano Teacher In Singapore – Is It A Good Career?

If you are thinking of becoming a piano teacher in Singapore, stop whatever you are doing now and read this article only. You do not want to make the wrong decision when it comes to your future financial life and career in Singapore.

Are you wondering whether becoming a private home piano tutor in Singapore is a good choice for you in 2018 going into 2019? You are at the right place.

Let us discuss your career prospects as a piano teacher in Singapore.

It really depends on what you define as a good career. Some people define it as having stability. Others define it in terms of monetary rewards. Others define it as job freedom. In our opinion, being a private home piano teacher (i.e. self employed teacher), you really get all three of the above. Let me explain.

Even though many conservative people in Singapore think that being self employed is one of the furthest things from being stable, they are wrong. How often do you hear of people working really hard and contributing a lot to their companies for years or decades, only to be fired or retrenched at the snap of a fingers? It is becoming extremely prevalent in Singapore, and any developed countries as wages go up and costs go up, and companies try to cut unnecessary costs. If your boss does not like your face, he or she can give you lots of unnecessary workplace stress by giving you work he or she knows you hate e.t.c. to make you give up and quit or eventually get fired. The danger of working as an employee is that a mistake that is not yours can cause you to be fired and lose 100% of your income immediately. Forget about protecting your kids and family then. However, when you are self employed, you are only affected by actions you take or do not take. You are in control of your life and career.

Second of all, while it is not possible to make a huge income right off the bat, you can start as a part time piano teacher while still a student or working elsewhere. This will give you the confidence boost you sorely need as a self employed person. This is why many teachers join an agency to get the boost in students acquisition at the beginning, and even throughout their careers so that they can get a steady extra flow of students. When you are at least able to get approximately 10 students as a part time teacher, you will be making anywhere between $1300 to $3000 a month. You can then quit and become a full time piano teacher in Singapore. Very soon you will be able to reach for the skies as a piano teacher as long as you are willing to work hard.

Third of all, as a private home piano teacher, you decide your schedule and locations you want to travel to for music lessons within Singapore. Of course, the more stringent you are, the hard it is for you to get students. But at the end of the day, you are free to pick your own schedule and travelling. This is a type of freedom that is rarely (or never) seen in the corporate world (shivers in fear). This is a form of freedom which can only possibly come as a self employed piano teacher in Singapore.