Why Las Vegas Is The Best Place In The World To Be An Escort

If you want to be an escort, there is no place better in the world than Las Vegas to be one – especially if you are American. Get listed on Vegas Dream today and you will be able to get lots of customers.

As an escort, your charges are quite high and possibly too expensive for the average person on the street. You will need to target executives, doctors, lawyers e.t.c. who can actually afford to pay you. Therefore, you will need to go where the money is. If you live in a tiny town with a population of perhaps 10,000, there is very little chance that anybody in the town can afford $500/hour to go out with you. However, in Las Vegas, where many business meetings and conferences are held, people with tons of money bypass there every single day of the year. Businessmen and celebrities visit Vegas on a daily basis, some even landing by private jets. To these people, $500/hour is nothing. You want to get these customers where they feel like they are getting more value than whatever they paid you, and you will still feel like you got the long end of the deal. These are mutually beneficial scenarios.

Second of all, Las Vegas has a relatively large population living all within the city strip. Perhaps it is not the most population dense area in the entire United States of the world, but it definitely is one of the highest – if you only count wealthy people. Wealthy people walk and get chauffeured all around the Las Vegas strip. Because the population in Las Vegas city is relatively dense, this means that you will get more customers within a shorter radius – which makes it more profitable for you as you can go to more appointments within a shorter period of time!

Third of all, there are certain cities like Honolulu where people go to for holidays and to look at the scenery. If you tried being an escort in such a city, you will be hard pressed to find clients. This is because visitors to that city are not looking for entertainment – they are looking to photograph the nature and simply enjoy the beach! However, Vegas’s branding is Sin City. Although this does not mean that illegal activities are tolerated, it means that people go there for hot girls, gambling e.t.c. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to get clients looking for escorts in Vegas because a much larger portion of the visitors are looking for fun!